Elze Visnevskyte

  • Elze Visnevskyte comes from a vibrant dance scene in Vilnius, Lithuania where she is one of the community leaders at What a Jazz studio. Since early age she’s explored a variety of dances – from old Renaissance to traditional folk dances. She has also spent a lot of time acting in theatre and takes a part of it to her dancing and teaching. Having written a thesis on African-American literature and art, she has studied the broader social and historical context of Swing dance. The values of play, improvisation and individuality are at the forefront of her teaching. As an educator she is constantly working on exploring the freedom of movement and expression while keeping the connection to the roots of the art form. Off the dance floor, you can find her talking – whether it’s MC’ing or recording interviews for What a Jazz podcast. You can always recognise Elze by her contagious energy and loud laugh.