Alex & Jill

  • Jill & Alex have both been dancing from a very early age, however coming from very different backgrounds: Alex is Benelux vice champion of breakdancing and has taught for over 13 years, whereas Jill came from a prestigious contemporary dance school in Belgium. Having both fallen in love with the old school style of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz, they focus on individual expression, style and authenticity. They’ll challenge you in staying controlled yet uninhibited; leave great individual freedom yet still remain a partnership, to dance the move instead of doing the move. Jill and Alex are very much inspired by the “old clips” showcasing a raw style of Lindy Hop and they have at heart to stay true to the legacy of the originators and to keep on exploring the African roots of the art form. They love flashy steps, fast dancing and aerials but also enjoy a smooth slow drag blues, a jazzy bebop or a fancy mambo. Back in Brussels they train with their performance groups, the Old Soul and the Jazz Maniacs, which they co-founded.