Dj Texas Tommy

  • Imagine coming to your first big festival, looking at the DJ table with a dream of someday playing at that very table yourself, and then being invited to do just that—more than once. Well, you’re reading the story of a guy who went through that exact journey with Retro Weekend and could not be more grateful for it.
    With around six years of experience in 2024, Texas Tommy is the bounciest DJ om this side of the Odra River. Known for an unending love for the triple step, loved for the goofy approach to his never-read DJ bios, and indispensable to the midnight sets at New Year’s Jam, this is the one guy you want playing the music if your aim is to have the smoothest flow ever. It’s an unexplainable feeling that you’ll be all too familiar with if you danced around Poland before. Or, more recently, at one kinda-big-deal festival in Bulgaria.
    The best thing about this year? He’s playing with not one, but two great friends and amazing DJs! 🔥
    Photo credit MacDom Studio @ Mermaid Swing Festival 2022.