• Rokas & Rūta


    Rūta and Rokas are passionate swing dancers coming from Vilnius, Lithuania. Rūta started with Ballroom dances and later spent some years in Street Dance scene. She discovered Jazz music and Lindy Hop six years ago. Rokas joined Rūta for his first class at the same time. Since then they practiced various Swing Era dances including Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Tap, Balboa and Shag. Rūta and Rokas are part of teachers team at Lindyhop.lt Club. Besides being in love with Lindy Hop, both of them enjoy dancing Shag (Collegiate and St. Louis). Rūta enjoys the social aspect of dance the most and finds that the most satisfying thing in it is great partner connection. Rokas loves exploring Jazz and Vernacular Dance history, puts his effort in promoting Jazz culture locally and abroad. This couple fills their classes with various dance aspects: technique, partnership and communication, relaxation and joy, improvisation and creativity, rhythms and musicality. You can meet Rūta and Rokas in various local and international events dancing, performing and teaching.

    Coming to Retro Weekend Festival 2018 they want to share things they love the most about swing dancing.