• Tomasz & Agnes


    In the early years of her swing dancing career, Agnes focused heavily on social dance, which made her an extremely skilled and adaptive follower. In recent years she also started training her musicality, improvisation, and the competition aspect, which quickly got her into the finals of several international events.

    The first time Tomasz tried Lindy Hop he felt a surge of energy. He took that dancing energy and threw it at everything he could, and fell in love with movement. Initially also focusing on social dancing, Tomasz has since completed two dance educations before returning to the Lindy Hop world full of new inspiration to move and the technique to back it up.

    Though, Tomasz and Agnes have over two decades of Lindy Hop experience between them, they only recently decided to join forces. In their classes, Agnes’s eye for technical detail and Tomasz’s emphasis on the desire to move complement each other well and will get you using your whole body to dance while also providing a clear understanding of the concepts.