• Rafał & Maria


    Representing Poland – Maria and Rafał Ślęczka!

    Maria and Rafał started dancing as kids, but it was only 4 years ago that they discovered swing dances. Along the way they got a wealth of dancing experience in various techniques such as jazz, modern and folk dance. Currently they co-create swing dancing scene in Kraków, where they conduct regular classes at different levels of experience.

    Maria and Rafał try to not only constantly work on their technique but also to develop their skills as instuctors. Sharing knowledge is their common passion. To them the best classes are those during which they succeed in instilling in their students’ heads new ideas. What fascinates them in Lindy Hop is how partner’s movements influence the follower and how the whole body is engaged in the dance. They try to focus on developing both leader’s and follower’s skills so that they are mutually responsible for their dance and co-create it together.