Lindy Hop – Peter Kepič

  • Peter Kepič

    Lindy Hop

    His obsession by swing and jazz music in general is based on his musical background. He has been musician since childhood and used to play saxophone for years.

    Peter started with jazz dances not long time ago in Bratislava, first with Boogie Woogie. Now his triples belong mostly to Lindy and Authentic jazz. In this short period he became first Slovak jazz dancer known internationally, travelling around Europe, winning competitions and teaching. He did workshops in Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and other places.

    Peter was hosted as regular teacher inVilnius but now his beloved city and home scene is Brno in Czech Republic where he founded Lindy Hop and started with regular teaching. As a dancer and teacher he feels the need to share his passion, joy and craziness that possesses his face and body every time a swing song starts to play. He is the one who enters the dance floor as first and leaves as the last one. He is a swing geek, spending nights digging in old clips and music, searching for new inspiration for his solo dancing and teaching. Taking his class is unique and inspiring experience because this swing kid is the craziest!


  • Peter-Kepic