Taster – Nastya Gorban

  • Nastya Gorban

    Lindy Hop

    “I adore dancing! This is what motivates me to continuously expand the dance world in-depth”.

    The first skills she began to receive at the age of 6 by discovering rhythmic-sportive gymnastics and pop-folk dances during a few years. Nastya has been keen on jazz music since childhood. So it’s very logical, that she got interested in swing dances as an adult. Th is happened when she moved from her native city to Kyiv where lindy hop is taught.

    So far Nastya has had a huge experience under her belt: more than 8 years of swing dancing. Furthermore, in the last few years she has been dancing such styles as modern jazz, contemporary, broadway jazz and classical ballet. Now she is a dance instructor in Kyiv Swing Dance Club (Ukraine) and an active participant of various dance events and festivals, a finalist and a winner of different European competitions. Nastya has been teaching in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Estonia.

    As a dancer and a teacher she pays a lot of attention to technique and purity of body lines and primarily tries to improve student’s basic skills which are essential for all dancers.


  • Nastya Gorban