Leticia Martín

  • Leticia Martín

    For Leti, jazz dances are inseparable from their cultural context. Both as a teacher and as a performer, she tries to insert her work into the lineage of the dancers who carried (and who still carry) this tradition. We are like dwarves sitting on the shoulders of giants. In constant search of groove and swing, Leti explores the ways in which the body resonates with music, as well as the development of improvisation and personal expression. Lindy hopper since 2011, her dance is nourished by the diversity of vernacular Jazz styles as well as life stories that surround them. Today, Leti teaches Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz full-time in Montpellier, at the Montpeul’ Swing school. A passionate pedagogue, Leti encourages her students to surpass themselves and find their own voice, while remaining true to the tradition of this dance. Leti also leads an academic career, and currently dedicates her research to exploring and understanding the way jazz dances are perceived in France, and their place within the cultural policies of the country.


  • Leticia Martin