Krystyna Debicka

  • Krystyna Dębicka

    Graduate of the Dance Theatre Department. Yoga and body movement teacher. Her journey as a dancer began with contemporary dance. Six years ago she fell in love with dances from the 20. and 30 such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz and they have been her biggest passion ever since.

    Beside being swing and jazz music lover – Krysia is crazy about body awerness and quality of movement. Through her knowledge of different movement techniques she encourages her students to explore links between body weight, gravity, breathing and the flow of energy. The dynamic and fun exercises that she gives are improving motor memory, coordination and rhythms. She puts emphasis on combining freedom and precision in dance.

    My main goal is to remind people of just how good it feels to move. I perceive movement as a primar form of expression, which helps me to define and understand my own space, not only on stage, but also in a wider sense – in life. That is why I find it important to give people the opportunity to explore their body through improvisation.