Jo Hoffberg

  • Jo Hoffberg

    Jo Hoffberg is a force of nature. She is an international choreographer, a highly decorated competitor, a thoughtful mentor, and a wearer of high-waist pants, but she’s best known for her teaching. Obsessive with her focus on personal growth and self-improvement, Jo is super-freaking passionate about sharing her love for the dance! Since 2007, she’s taught in 28 countries on 5 continents, has produced 11 DVDs, runs online training programs, produces intensive learning weekends around the world, and runs an online dance school with over 1000+ videos. As a community leader, she is mentoring teachers (both seasoned and up-and-coming), shining the spotlight on the next generation, and supporting deeper structural changes in the community. She is continuing to invest in her personal dance education by regularly challenging herself in other genres of dance, and believes to be a good teacher you must also be a good student.

    As a guest in Black Culture, she strives to honor the legacy of swing dance all around the world today.