Retro Weekend Festival

  • 5-8 MARCH 2020



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  • The next edition of Retro Weekend Festival is coming! In the first weekend of March 2020 Warsaw will turn into the Capital of Swing and we would love to see all you dancers here with us.
    We have prepared classes with some of the best teachers and parties with fantastic bands wich will take place in stylish and magical venues.




  • Thursday

    taster class
    party with live music
  • Friday

    taster class
    party with live music
    2 bands!
    retro boutiques
  • Saturday

    taster class
    party with live music
    2 bands!
    retro boutiques
  • Sunday

    taster class
    party with live music


For details check schedule.

You won’t be able to buy ticket at the door.



Thursday (5th March)
21:00-22:00 Taster
22:00 Party opening


Friday (6th March)
10:00-14:00 Teachers Track
15:00-16:00 Open class I
16:15-17:15 Open class II
21:00-22:00 Taster
22:00 Party opening


Saturday (7th March)
Level Intermediate Int-Adv Int-Adv + Adv Adv + Invitational Solo Int Solo Adv
9:40 Registration opening
10:00-10:45 ———————————– Level Check ————————
11:00-12:00 Alexia & Martynas Ali & Claudia Gas & Alba Hector & Sonia
12:05-13:05 Alexia & Martynas Ali & Claudia Gas & Alba Peter & Elle Hector & Sonia
13:30-14:30 Alexia & Martynas Gas & Alba Peter & Elle Hector & Sonia
14:40-15:40 Peter & Elle Alexia & Martynas Gas & Alba Hector & Sonia Claudia Sep
15:50-16:50 Peter & Elle Claudia Sep


Sunday (8th March)
Level Intermediate Int-Adv Int-Adv + Adv Adv + Invitational Solo Int Solo Adv
10:00-11:00 Hector & Sonia
11:00-12:00 Gas & Alba Alexia & Martynas Hector & Sonia Claudia
12:05-13:05 Gas & Alba Peter & Elle Hector & Sonia Alexia & Martynas Claudia
13:30-14:30 Hector & Sonia Peter & Elle Ali & Claudia Alexia & Martynas Gas & Alba Sep
14:40-15:40 Peter & Elle Ali & Claudia Gas & Alba Sep
15:50-16:50 Peter & Elle Alexia & Martynas
This is a preliminary schedule which still can be a subject to small changes.



    Open class

    Friday’s classes ONLY for full pass owners. We’ve prepared for you 6 classes on various topics, so take a look at the schedule and decide which classes suit you the best.



    A lesson just before the party. We invite all festival’s participants (both full pass and party pass owners) to join taster class! If you are interested in tasters’ topics, you can find them in our schedule.


    Lindy Hop workshops

    Classes will be held on 6 levels (from intermediate to invitational). Please read carefully levels description befeore registration. There will be levels check for advanced& higher groups.


    Solo workshops

    If you signed up for Solo, you don’t have to attend to audition. Please, pick up your wristband at the registration desk during Friday party.


– Nowy Świat Muzyki (Nowy Świat 63 street)
– Biblioteka Rolnicza (Krakowskie Przedmieście 66 street)
– Riviera (Warynskiego 12 street)
– Stefan Starzyński Monument (Bankowy Square, next to Costa Cafe)
– LXXXI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Aleksandra Fredry (Miła 7 street)
– Gimnazjum nr 37 im. K.K. Baczyńskiego (Niska 5 street)
– Szkoła Podstawowa nr 32 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi im. Małego Powstańca (Edelmana 2 street)
– Technikum Poligraficzne (Stawki 14 street)


  • Lindy Hop Full Pass

    150 EUR

    regular, open and tasters classes
    4 parties with live music

  • Solo Jazz Full Pass

    120 EUR

    regular, open and tasters classes
    4 parties with live music

  • Party Pass

    80 EUR

    tasters classes
    4 parties with live music

  • Teachers’ Track

    30 EUR

    4-hours workshop with Ali improving your teaching skills


Lindy Hop Track


You’ve been taking regular Lindy Hop classes for at least 12 months. You know 6-count and 8-count basics, swing-out and Charleston basics. You are familiar with groove walks, steps and triple steps and still working on mixing all of these elements. You attend not only classes but socials as well (minimum once a month).
This group may be a great opportunity for you getting into international workshops.

Intermediate – Advanced

You’ve been taking regular Lindy Hop classes for at least 18 months and attended a few local workshops already. This even may not be the first international event for you. You feel comfortable with mixing basic rhythms: groove walks, charleston, triple steps and incorporate some swing-out variations to your dancing. You dance to different tempos: 120 – 180 bpm with ease. You wish to learn more fancy patterns but still feel the need of improving your technique.

Intermediate – Advanced +

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for minimum 24 months – regular classes, attending socials and some local and international workshops. You dance to various tempos: 110 – 200 bpm incorporating different rhythms, patterns and creating your own variations. You’ve probably also tried some other swing dances, like Balboa, Blues or Shag and still are hungry of knowledge and alternative ideas that may improve your dancing skills.


That is the level where you switch the “autopilot” off and become more creative with your dancing. You eventually dance to any tempo – super slow or extra fast – doesn’t matter. You dance many different variations and feel very comfortable with your basics and now are trying to explore the musicality more, changing moves and rhythms with the flow. You feel this is the time to get into your dance technique more – searching for new ways of connection, switching roles, working on the quality more than learning new figures.

Advanced +

You can honestly call yourself a Lindy Hop dancer. You attend international festivals regularly and found all the previous level descriptions as checked. Most probably you teach Lindy Hop locally. You basically can do both: lead or follow and understand different means of getting into nice connection. On one hand you feel very experienced but on the other need to learn swing-out again ;).


You teach Lindy Hop locally and / or internationally. The organizers invited you to attend this level or somehow they forgot to 😉 If you are willing to join this level, please leave appropriate comment in your registration form. During level check there will be an option to try getting into Invitational level.

Solo Track


You’ve been dancing Solo Authentic Jazz / Solo Charleston for at least 12 months (maybe 6, if you had danced Lindy Hop before). You are familiar with Shim Sham Routine and basic Authentic Jazz elements, like Suzzy Q, Opposites, Fall of the Log.


You know the most popular solo routines (including Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple – at least till the “London Bridge” 😉 ). You feel comfortable with your body and do not need a dance partner to hit the dancefloor during the party. Solo jam circles seem to drag you in and probably you also have joined some solo competitions already. At the same time you feel the need to work on your movement quality and body awareness more and more.




    If you don’t have a car don’t worry. We prepared a cheat sheet for you with all options for transportations.