• Ali & Katia


    It was love at first dance: Ali&Katja have been dancing together ever since they met on a Paris dance floor in 2003. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, they are working to spread the Lindy Hop through their teaching teams in Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Berlin and with their own travelling to teach workshops around Europe.

    Ali & Katja are best known for their technical yet accessible teaching. Their goal is to build upon and expand what you already know about the dance rather than to try to change you. Their very clear step by step “how to” instructions help you learn and practise in a focused way, so you can transfer your new skills onto the social dance floor right away.

    In their classes, you’ll also get the tools how to practice and tell yourself if you’re “doing it right” outside the classroom. This way, you can continue to improve and practice on your own and take your dancing to the next level.


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