• Ali & Clàudia

    Germany & Spain

    What brought Clàudia and Ali together is the magic that happens when they social dance. What makes the dancing between these two so amazing is that the traditional concept of lead and follow seems to completely disappear. What you get instead is two swing dance enthusiasts creating an amazing moment together, with two refined dancers listening to and complementing each other far beyond the traditional roles of “leader” and “follower”.

    Teaching how you can create your own “magic on the dancefloor” is definitely one of the most abstract and hard to break down concepts. However, Ali and Clàudia’s combined skills as dancers with great passion for geeky details, together with Clàudia’s background in physiotherapy and Ali’s scientific approach from his work in chemistry, they know how to break down complex concepts into learnable elements, even for the most “hard-to define-but-most-important-to-have” qualities of the dance!


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