Genia Tsvietkova

  • Genia Tsvietkova

    Genia’s dancing story begun when she was 6 years old. Lindy Hop she met in 2006. She danced some boogie-woogie (competing, teaching). Also she is a big fun of blues. The dancing way keeps her excited, she finds out something new and really interesting all over time. She hopes “this way will never reach ‪the final destination‬ ? “. Genia was teaching in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Taiwan; won many competitions in Ukraine, also LHCC in Vilnius in 2012, strictly competition in Dragon swing 2012, fast feet competition in Herrang 2018. Since 2015 Genia is a part of the project Shiny Stockings Chorus Line in Kiev.

    During the last time was involved in many great routines and 4 great shows “The Jazz Age” with Shiny Stockings Chorus Line and Kyiv Rhythm Kings band.

    Dancing is an important part of her life. Such attitude to dance makes her not only good dancer, but also responsible and attentive teacher.

    Mostly her classes are concentrated in how to connect dance more with music and enjoy your dancing. It’s mix smoothness of blues, energy of lindy hop and music feeling inside of yourself.


  • Genia Tsvietkova