• Peter & Pavli


    They met in 2012 at a little jazz concert in Bratislava, both excited about swing dance and music, both living in area where there was not much swing dancing going on. Imagine the soul match!

    Today Peter and Pavli are seen in finals of competitions all around the continent, teach more and more internationally and belong to exciting young talented teachers of Lindy Hop in Europe. In 2015 they rocked ESDC and won European Champion award in Open Showcase category.

    Typical for Pavli, coming from Czech Republic, is her red hair, lovely smile and decent elegant style spiced up with rocking swivels! Peter is a temperament Slovak with artistic soul, obsessed with jazz & swing music who is a real explosion of energy and creativity not only on on the dancing floor! (because he dances on the bus stop, at streets, in the shop – non stop!;))

    In 2013 they joined with three more Lindy hoppers, started a swing dance school in Brno and call themselves Swing Wings. During past years Swing Wings built a team of 8 teachers and a beautiful scene of more than three hundred dancers, unique spirit and epic parties.
    That spirit they love to bring to european communities too.