AppenDixie with Miss Mikey May

  • AppenDixie with Miss Mikey May

    Don’t get fooled! Although they have “Dixie” in the name, AppenDixie is a Swing band. Why Dixie, then? The origins of the name date back to 2015, when the first members started to play in the streets of Prague. Since then, the band has transformed into a Swing band playing mostly music from the 1930’s, 40’s and early 50’s but mixed with their personal (and sometimes silly) ideas.

    The audience has changed as well – in the past few years, from playing for tourists and sitting listeners, AppenDixie became a staple dance band, playing events that range from local regular socials in Prague, through small exchanges and workshops around Europe, to bigger events such as Prague Spring Swing Festival and Plenty Hot.